Dangerous animals in Belize: the jungle wants to kill us

Anete and I are sitting on a terrace amidst lush rainforest, sipping large glasses of refreshing blood red sorrel juice. Squirrels hop by in nearby trees, insects make a lot of noise, and a couple of drops of rain have once again threatened to kick off the monsoon officially… but it’s not quite the time yet.

The whole scene is rather idyllic. Or is it?

What the reader might not realise: this environment is trying to kill us. Continue Reading →

How we decided to throw ourselves into the unknown

Swinging my legs under my office desk last summer, I clicked on one of those dreamy beach pictures that make every 9-to-5 job holder count their days until the next vacation. It was a post shared by a page called Workaway. That website gathers thousands of volunteering opportunities around the globe. In exchange for a part-time job, you’ll get free accommodation and food. Continue Reading →