What the fall?! Here are the 8 most beautiful waterfalls in Belize and Guatemala

During the four months of our trip, I have seen more waterfalls than in my whole life. All of a sudden waterfalls were everywhere. They were in national parks and in cloud forests. Some were separate destinations, others we encountered on the way to somewhere else. They came in all sizes and forms, from small falls to powerful cataracts, from ice cold mountain showers to hot cascades. Continue Reading →

Belize, the Land of Melted Snickers

San Ignacio in Belize is a sweaty and hot town. It was also the town closest to the Stardust Sanctuary FarmBut only seldom we drove all the way there to enjoy the place itself. Usually, we were sitting in the local bus station, waiting for a bus that would take us somewhere more interesting, or back home. If we had time until our bus, we sipped freshly squeezed juices in a nearby restaurant. In San Ignacio, we were always waiting. Until all the waiting came to an end. Continue Reading →

Snapshots of daily life in Guatemala: gunshots, Italian drama and a health nut on a bus

Maya ladies in beautiful garments whisk by with bowls of cornmeal on their head. Firecrackers go off even in the nighttime. The capacity of a chicken bus is a fluid concept. Yes, daily life in Guatemala is rather colourful and many things happen that you wouldn’t expect at home. An anthology.

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