3 fun activities to try in Utila, Honduras when you’re not a diver

It’s 6 pm and the sky turns to a deep dark blue, the air is thick and warm. We sit on a dock in Utila and browse the internet. Under us, black water laps hypnotically against the dock making us sleepy as if we’re babies in the cradle. Behind us, we can hear the slow dripping of wet suits.

We are sitting in a dive shop on a tiny island in the Caribbean sea called Utila. Utila belongs to Honduras, a country that travellers often skip or feel no need to go to. The ones who do go, most often end up in one of the islands, either on bigger and more luxurious Roatan or smaller and backpacker-friendly Utila. Continue Reading →

6 Things to do around Lago de Yojoa, Honduras

Travelling long term, we need to take a break from the classic backpacking sometimes and stay somewhere for a little while longer. If only to get some words on the paper. We hadn’t had such a break since we became carpenters in Finca Ixobel in Poptún. When I read about Lago de Yojoa – a tranquil lake which not only has lots of nature on its shore, but also a craft brewery – I was instantly convinced I had found the perfect spot for exactly that.

Life, however, is more than writing (and drinking beer), so we still made a couple of side trips. Here’s our list of things to do around Lago de Yojoa. Continue Reading →

Coastal hiking in Estonia (part two): in praise of the freedom to roam

The long Nordic summer day slowly closes its curtains and we enjoy a sip of red wine from a cardboard cup, and a perfect sunset on the beach of Krapi – a lively duel between shades of orange and purple across the entire width of the sky, ending in the Gulf of Riga. An hour earlier, we trudged several hectometres into the water to enjoy an evening swim among colonies of swans.

Continue Reading →