Bird walking on water "like Jezus" during our cruise on the Rio Dulce.
Rio Dulce: when the closest ATM is a boat ride away
Tom in the dinghy on Lake Izabal
Notes From Lake Izabal
boat sitting — part one
Tom and Diesel on Friend Ship, floating on Lake Izabal.
Notes From Lake Izabal
boat sitting – part three (end)
Anete enjoys Semuc Champey.
Semuc Champey: alone in paradise thanks to a murder
Daily life in Guatemala: a crocodile in Cobán.
Snapshots of daily life in Guatemala
Tom in front of the final waterfall of Siete Altares, Livingston, Guatemala
The 8 most beautiful waterfalls in Belize and Guatemala
Tom sandpapering chairs at Finca Ixobel in Poptún, Guatemala
Workaway at Finca Ixobel: how we became carpenters
Tom at Cerro de la Cruz in Antigua Guatemala
Antigua Guatemala: a gem of a city in a country of cheap junk
Temple I and V sticking out of the canopy at Tikal national park
Tikal: a plunge into the world of the Maya
Hiking in Nebaj with our guide Francisco.
Hiking in the Cuchumatanes near Nebaj
graffiti of quetzal on a wall in Xela.
How we fell in love
with Xela
Mayan ladies in vegetable market in Zunil, near Xela.
Things to do
in and around Xela
Five things we learned about the Maya in Central America
Tom during the blackout in a pupuseria in Livingston
48 hours without electricity
Anete on a kayak on one of the side rivers of the Rio Dulce
Notes From Lake Izabal
boat sitting – part two
Chicken buses in Guatemala are often cramped.
Chicken buses: our most unforgettable rides so far
Anete in front of a wall in Livingston.
Getting to know the public health system in Guatemala
Stuffed quetzal in the Biotopo del Quetzal
Biotopo del Quetzal; our quest for Guatemala’s national bird
the ring on the summit of volcano San Pedro
Surprise on top
of Volcano San Pedro
Sunset in El Remate, Guatemala
El Remate:
the best sunset in Guatemala
Anete in the turquoise water of Laguna Lachua
Laguna Lachua: paradise or unpleasantly smelly water?
Anete in front of the Municipal Theatre in Xela.
How to choose a
Spanish school in Xela
Hiking around the crater of Tajumulco.
Climbing Tajumulco, Central America’s highest mountain
Dancers in traditional clothes during a festival in Cobán, Guatemala.
Cobán: coffee, crocodiles and orchids
Laguna Chicabal:
a sacred volcano
Anete drinks Dorada Ice on a boat in Lake Izabal.
Beer in Guatemala: “A dream for fans of canned dishwater”