7 Things to do in and around San Ignacio, Belize – gateway to jungle, caves and Maya temples

Back when we spend five weeks weeding on the Stardust Sanctuary Farm, 3 kilometres out of the nearest small village, San Ignacio was our go-to metropolis. Don’t get me wrong, San Ignacio is in no way a big city. Coupled with twin Santa Elena, the city barely has 20.000 inhabitants. Despite its small size, visitors will not be bored. Here are 7 things we really enjoyed in San Ignacio. Continue Reading →

Dangerous animals in Belize: the jungle wants to kill us

Anete and I are sitting on a terrace amidst lush rainforest, sipping large glasses of refreshing blood red sorrel juice. Squirrels hop by in nearby trees, insects make a lot of noise, and a couple of drops of rain have once again threatened to kick off the monsoon officially… but it’s not quite the time yet.

The whole scene is rather idyllic. Or is it?

What the reader might not realise: this environment is trying to kill us. Continue Reading →