Hitchhike to Kilometer 0

Ildefons collects stones and girls. Tired of his life in familiar Europe, he sets off for tropical Indonesia, where exotic adventures, wild parties and a parade of untouched girls await him. A spoonful of black magic, an army of talking cats and a best friend whose only goal is to disrupt the harmony of peaceful Yogyakarta can, however, turn paradise into nightmare in the blink of an eye. A truth that Mirza is all too familiar with.

Little Squirrel

Little Squirrel is sick and tired of being treated as a child. He wants to be part of the adult world. Together with his friend Lady Squirrel, he plots a plan to show his parents that he’s to be taken seriously. Little Squirrel is a story for little adults, aged 5 to 9, which introduces the young reader to the colourful citizens of the Squirrel Village. They’ll meet instantly loveable characters such as Mr Fluffy (who has so many children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, they’re counted by weight), Sleepy Hedgehog, Barry the Beaver, Jonas the journalist and the ever hungry Weasel.


The Feast

Despite his absolute devotion to his master, the servant gets treated as a tablecloth. Mister Ping thinks he can get away with it. But as we all know, revenge is a dish best served cold.

Nathan + Nathan

Nathan is looking desperately for perfect beauty. Unfortunately, he has only found it in the mirror so far.


Everybody thinks Rebecca is a wonderful dog lover… except for her own dog Sunny.


The Jungle Book of Adult Life

If you think surviving your twenties is complicated, then try facing that same challenge in Indonesia. From explaining what you want in a hair salon to obtaining a morning after pill, from scoring booze in a country that is notoriously alcohol-free to maintaining a relationship if you’re not even allowed to sleep in each other’s houses – in the biggest Muslim country in the world, every step into adulthood is a mountain to conquer. In this non-fiction work, collecting essays and articles about growing up and falling in love in Indonesia, the country is the hero and the villain in a blooming ménage à trois.

Wave (working title)

In a small seaside town, a young ambitious journalist loses his shit.