Anete cycles into Toila, Estonia.
When you turn 23, you party until the moon becomes a sun, and drink enough beer to single-handedly keep AB-Inbev’s business figures up. It’s the celebration of your life and all your friends are invited! Then, seemingly the next day, you turn 33 and you feel weary, beat, exhausted. You’d
Anete sitting on a palm tree in Utila
It’s 6 pm and the sky turns to a deep dark blue, the air is thick and warm. We sit on a dock in Utila and browse the internet. Under us, black water laps hypnotically against the dock making us sleepy as if we’re babies in the cradle. Behind us,
Anete in a kayak on Lago de Yojoa
Travelling long term, we need to take a break from the classic backpacking sometimes and stay somewhere for a little while longer. If only to get some words on the paper. We hadn’t had such a break since we became carpenters in Finca Ixobel in Poptún. When I read about
Anete walks on the beach of Kabli Lemme.
The long Nordic summer day slowly closes its curtains and we enjoy a sip of red wine from a cardboard cup, and a perfect sunset on the beach of Krapi – a lively duel between shades of orange and purple across the entire width of the sky, ending in the
Tom in nature during De Molse 60.

De Molse 60: 37 kilometres in 10 episodes

Posted by Anete Kruusmägi on  July 29, 2019

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1. The world is asleep It was 3.45 am. The world was dark and cold. Every single soul in Europe lied curled up under a fluffy blanket. But somewhere in rural Belgium, an alarm clock went off. It must be a bad dream, it cannot be morning yet- these were